Blake • Counsel

A Guide To Living Your Best Life

If 2020 has taught me anything, it is that life is short. Life is real short. It is entirely too short to live it unintentionally. We truly only have one life to live and we are deserving of making it the best life possible. And for my readers who are in their 20 somethings, this is especially for you. Your 20s will quite frankly be the best years of your life, if you allow it. So here is a guide to making it just that.

  1. Do Things That Feed Your Soul – It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype and quite often we find ourselves doing things because of the friends we have around us, or the wants or needs of our family. But when it comes to really living your best life, you have to tap in to the things that you genuinely like to do. Not the things you will receive validation for, or that will make you more approachable. But the things that you do that genuinely make you happy. I often think back to the things I enjoyed as a child. Of course, we are older now but I still enjoy a lot of the things I loved as a child just in a more mature version.
  2. Learn to say no! Setting boundaries is essential for living your best life. Do not do anything that feels like a chore and doesn’t feed you in any way. Of course, don’t use this as an excuse to only do things that serve you, but use this as an incentive that at the end of the day, this is your life. You aren’t obligated to do anything for anyone, and vise versa.
  3. Focus on the opinions coming from the person in the mirror. We are currently living in a world where everyone is trying to tell one another, how to live and what is and is not acceptable. It’s important to stop and ask yourself, who are you to tell me anything, when considering these opinions? People judge you for ‘sinning’ differently than them, but we are all “sinners” none the less. You can seek advice from trusted individuals, but at the end of the day, if you feel satisfied with the decisions you are making with YOUR life, who is to tell you any different?
  4. Manifest your future, but don’t dwell on your future. Manifest the life you want for yourself. But don’t beat yourself up because you don’t have it yet or because you aren’t where you need to be. Understand that life is a marathon, not a race and your blessings are on the way to you. Don’t compare yourself to the next person, who was at one point in the same position as you, and is now in a place where you feel is “ahead.” If anything, use that as motivation for where you will go next! For more tips on manifestation read my post
  5. Show Gratitude. Wake up every morning, and name 10 things you are grateful for. Life can feel stagnant, draining, and all in all depressing sometimes, especially in the current state of the world. However, we all have so many things to be thankful for. Life could be better but it could be A LOT worse. Look at the glass half full, never half empty. Show gratitude for what you have, and that appreciation and positivity will attract better into your life.
  6. Keep certain areas of your life private. The whole world doesn’t need to know when you’re broken, when you’re rich, or when you’re going through something. It’s sad but true, there are people out there who are quite literally, praying for your downfall. It’s okay to be transparent with your life but don’t feel like you owe the world an explanation on anything that has to do with you.
  7. Practice Self Love. Do whatever you need to do to love the woman that you are and becoming. Weather it be affirmations, journal entries, bubble baths, or dancing butt naked to Summer Walker at 3 AM. Do it! Take time to pour into yourself, give her love, give her attention. Something I do that I have found extremely beneficial is listening to meditations at night for self love. These meditations are designed to reprogram your mind. Try it out!
  8. Learn to Forgive Yourself. I wrote an entire blog about this that can be found on But basically, you are not the mistakes you’ve made in your past. You aren’t even the woman you were yesterday. We are constantly growing and transforming into greater human beings. Don’t be to hard on yourself. Grant the forgiveness to yourself, that you grant to others, because you deserve it most.
  9. Don’t hold grudges. This is something that is quite frankly, the hardest for me. However, I am learning that forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to jump back into a friendship or relationship. It’s granting yourself the serenity to move past a situation in order for growth. Understand that people do things often from a position of projection from their own demons, or things that we are struggling with.
  10. Live in the present moment. Take life for what it is in the current moment. Stop fixating on the mistakes you’ve made in the past or worrying about where you’ll be in the future. There was a time when you couldn’t wait to be exactly where you are right now. You’re here. Enjoy it. Live it. Make it memorable. You’ll never be able to do it again.