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Keeping Your Head In Dark Times

We all go through things in life that put us in different mental spaces. Some things will have us on top of the world for days, and some things will have us in a cloudy mental state for months. Summer 2019 is the first time I have ever felt like I’ve been in a literal dark place, where the days feel longer and it feels like every single thing that could go wrong is going wrong. Whether it be personal things, family situations, financial setbacks, or relationship problems, sometimes times get hard and people get sad. It’s easy for that sadness to turn into depression. Here are a few tips that have helped me raise from sadness, even if just for a few moments a day.

  1. Talk about it. Sometimes a simple conversation is all that you need to feel better. Whether it be a therapist, or friend, expressing yourself, and actually releasing the energy from your body in the form of words can be so therapeutic. You don’t have to talk to everyone about it, but if you feel like that’s what will help then do so.
  2. Keep yourself busy. Whatever you do, do not sit at home and sulk. Go outside, be productive, hang out with friends, whatever helps. When you don’t keep yourself busy, you will think about how horrible everything is and it will make your mental space 100 times worse.
  3. Put it into Perspective. Times can get very hard, but times can always be harder. No matter what situation you are in, it could always be worse. Sometimes just simply thinking about how situations could have been worse, can make you appreciate the situation you’re in.
  4. Pray on it. If you are not religious, you can skip to 5. However, if you are, talking to god is essential. Just cry, let him hear how you are feeling and vent to him. Don’t only call on him when it’s in times of need though, make sure you talk to him when everything is going right as well.
  5. Take time for yourself. Do not feel obligated to hang out with anyone or do anything. It’s okay to want to be alone sometimes. I don’t recommend spending all your time alone, but if you don’t feel like being around different energies. That is justifiable. Take time for yourself. Anyone who is truly meant to be around you will not stop being present because you need time to yourself.
  6. Don’t Stop Taking Care Of Yourself. I am the kind of girl who feels her best when my nails are done, hair is done, eyebrows arched etc. When I stopped doing it, I realized how horrible I felt. Although I was still feeling sad, I forced myself to go get a few things done and instantly felt better about myself for the whole day.
  7. Speak Positivity into Existence. Don’t focus so much on what is happening but try to redirect that energy into manifesting what is about to happen!!! Minor setback for a major comeback.

I saw a post on twitter today that said “Low points are really me just landing on a trampoline.” You are always going to bounce back! Love yourself enough to know that better days are coming. Better days are always coming.

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