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Story Time: Getting Jumped In the 8th Grade

September 2013 I was new to Brooklyn New York. My whole world did a 360 when I moved from a predominately white area, my family being one of the only black families in the entire town, to Canarsie, Brooklyn which is 98% Afro-Carribean/American. It was a complete culture shock for me. I went from being “the black girl” to “the white girl” as many of my new classmates would refer to me in reference to the way I spoke and dressed. Despite that though, I never had a hard time making friends. I received a lot of attention because I was the new girl in the final year of middle school, I was pretty, had long hair, and I came from a white community. I’m not being conceited in any way, but these were four things people would say to describe me to someone who didn’t know me.

Me in the 8th grade, being a bird. Lol

My first group of friends were the “popular” girls and were also haters. It was 4 or 5 of them, who were ran by a ring leader who was 16 years old. (yes, in the 8th grade) We are going to call her Trump. Let’s call the group as a whole The Gross Sisters. I am going to put it simply and not sugar coat anything. We became friends, and at first they were cool. But for some reason, I always felt like although they were my friends they would do little things, say slick comments to hurt my feelings. “You talk so white.” “You think you’re better than everyone?” In middle school there were three classes. 81,82, and 83 in order of most advanced to least advanced. I had started in 82, but once my teachers realized I was advanced I got moved to 81. The Gross Sisters were all in 83. In 81, I started hanging out with a new set of girls, two of whom are still my best friends today. I didn’t feel a need to continue to hang out with the other girls cause my new friends were nicer and brought less stress into my life. They weren’t as in the mix as the other girls, but I was okay with that. When I began to distance myself I noticed the original group of girls were taking offense. They would make little slick comments when I’d walk past, torment me in gym, basically trying their hardest to get a reaction out of me. At the time, I wasn’t built to handle that. I had never had to deal with girls being blatantly malicious at my other school because, white girls are more apt to talk behind your back and smile in your face.

Fast forward to one day in gym class. All 3 classes (81, 82, and 83) had class together. We were having free time and the volleyball net was up but I wasn’t playing volleyball. For some reason, the ball almost hit me 3 or 4 times coming from who else but… You guessed it The Gross Sisters. I became very agitated and stopped playing. A couple days later I was walking up the stairs and one of The Gross Sisters, we are going to call her minion cause she was literally a pet to Trump, bumped me. Trump and I were the closest of The Gross Sisters, the other ones were just around. So the only person who’s anger was truly justified for my no longer being friends with them, was Trump’s. The rest were just followers. Minion being the main one to start with me on a daily basis. As I am walking up the stairs Minion bumps me causing me almost to fall back and lose my balance. I took it to the chin, yet again and let it go. I was fed up at this point.

“Mom, I’m going to fight tomorrow. I can’t take it anymore and I think that I need to do something about it.” 13 year old me confided in my mother.

She begged and pleaded for me not to, saying she was going to call the school but I begged her not to. I needed to handle this myself. I told my older brother and he took me outside and started slap boxing with me, preparing me but also just grasping the chance to beat up his little sister.

The following day I waited until lunch time. My heart was beating crazy with anticipation the whole day. Minion had approached me when she walked past me in the lunch line and I asked her:

“Do you have a problem with me?”

“Yes. I don’t like you.”

“SO do you want to fight?” I was quick and to the point. She had no reason not to like me so it wasn’t any point in arguing with her. She looked shocked. I don’t remember her response. But what I do remember is her walking back to her table to take off her skimpy ass mint green scarf, really walking back to round up the gross sisters. All I remember was Trump jumping over the cafeteria table and charging towards me. Now mind you, I am 13 or maybe just turned 14, athletic built but petite nonetheless. Trump is 16, very voluptuous, weighing at least 70 pounds more than me, having me in height as well by 4 or 5 inches. When I saw her coming towards me I immediately got up and went in her direction. Before I knew it we were all screaming at each other, me against the 5 Gross Sisters, and one of them another minion, slapped me across the face. So a chain reaction, I punched her. Before I knew it I was being hit from all over by Trump and her minions. Security quickly swarmed and WORLDSTARRRR filled the room. I honestly don’t remember what happened, my mind went blank but I knew that I held my own considering the fact. My new friends, who were located across the lunchroom, had seen the commotion, not knowing it was me and approached the fight. Only when they realized it was me did they jump in, turning the fight into a brawl. Now there are 10 girls brawling in the lunchroom 81 vs. 83. The next thing I remember, is one of my stocky male friends, lifting me by my ponytail grabbing me up from them. Security guards swarmed the lunchroom and within minutes we were all separated.

I had never been a trouble maker so everyone was very shocked, even the security guards. As one escorted me out of the lunchroom, I was approached by another male friend, Nico.

“Girl, you was doing your thing. You okay though? Your eyes a little red.” He said to me. I ignored him and kept walking. Against the wall sat minion, being watched by another security guard and two other girls whom weren’t apart of The Gross Sisters.

“Bitch, watch after school I promise I am going to fuck you up. Stupid Bitch.” Were probably along the lines of what Minion was saying to me.

“Just ignore her.” The security guard said expecting my normally calm, cool, and collective self to continue up the stairs.

But I didn’t ignore her. I stopped walking and charged toward her. Jumping on top of her and essentially beating her up. Nico later described it to my mother when she came to pick me up as “Doing the one drop on her face.”

The security guard picked me up by my shirt, ripping it down the middle, and throwing me to the wall. After that he handcuffed me. I was so shocked. They told me since I blatantly disobeyed orders, I would have to go to the precinct. Now I was scared. However, my good character and excellence in academics convinced the principle otherwise.

The next day I wasn’t allowed to return to school. My friends told me The Gross Sisters all came with sweatpants and durags. Whatever animosity, they thought they had must of subsided over the weekend because come Monday… Nothing. I never had a problem with them again. No snarky comments, no more bumps nothing.

I don’t encourage fighting and I could probably have handled it another way, yes. But this situation built so much character for me and is one of the reasons I am the fireball I am today. I don’t take disrespect from any one under any circumstances. What I will say though is when it comes to bullies, sometimes all you need is to stand up. The whole school gave me respect after that fight. That’s not why I did it, of course not. But I was no longer “the white girl” or the person at the end of the joke. Don’t ever let anyone belittle you, or bully you. You don’t necessarily have to fight them, I was young and that was all I felt like they would be receptive to. But hey, it worked. Trump even asked to take a picture at 8th grade graduation.

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