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7 Signs She’s A Toxic Friend

I honestly never thought friendship was something that was so hard. However, past experiences have really brought to light that some people just genuinely do not know how to be friends. Feeling uneasy about a friendship? Here are 7 signs you’re dealing with a toxic friend.

1.She Doesn’t Show Support: If you are constantly amping your friend, and they are not reciprocating… That’s a problem. A good friend always supports their friends in anything that brings them happiness as long as it is positive. A lot of times when you are sharing positive news with some “friends” they don’t show any enthusiasm or even care at all about what you’re telling them. They either give a generic “that’s cool” or are quick to change the topic about themselves. When the Hating is Coming From Home Base It Hurts You -Jadakiss

2.She only cares to talk about her problems: This is a big problem. If you find one of your friends constantly coming to you for advice, or to tell you, your problems, that’s fine. However, what is not fine is when YOU need someone to talk to and all that is heard in return is silence. You’re not her friend, you’re her therapist.

3.She talks to everyone about her problems with YOU except YOU: It’s okay to vent about your friends if you feel uneasy and need a second opinion. What isn’t okay is when you will vent and feel uneasy about a situation and tell everyone but when that friend comes around, you act as if nothing has happened. We are entering the age where we are too old for the petty whispers. Be an adult, pull your friend to the side and let her know she made you feel a way and vise versa.

4. She acts different around certain people: I know we have all had a friend who switches up when certain people are around. For example, if boys come around and she’s suddenly throwing you under the bus, or ignoring you all together… That’s a problem. Nothing should sway a REAL PERSON away from being who she is. Be careful of people who let other energies change theirs dramatically.

5. She talks about other people A LOT: If you have a friend and she’s constantly talking about your other friends or other people in general, chances are YOU are one of the people she is talking about when you aren’t around. Girls can tend to be gossipy we can all have a tendency to talk about each other occasionally… But it’s a fine line between talking about people and talking about people close to you.

6. She’s inconsiderate: If you’re willing to give your friend the shirt off your back and they will watch you freeze… Rethink the friendship all together. Okay ladies, this is a big one. Let’s bring this all the way back to kindergarten. I’m not saying share everything you have but if your friend eats in your face while your starving and it’s never been the other way around… cut her off. And that’s with anything. Simply offering once in a while never killed anybody especially if you offer her your things when you have it.

7. She’s A Follower: Anyone who doesn’t know how to be their own person is just a straight no. Being a follower doesn’t necessarily make someone a bad friend but as a woman you should surround yourself around people with minds of their own. If your friend needs someone to do everything with her, and can’t do things independently, that’s a sign and not a good one.

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