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A Goal Setter Is A GO Getter

Setting goals for yourself are things that everyone should be doing to avoid complacency. Every year you should be evolving and bettering yourself as a person. How do we do this though? I found that setting small goals every week is a good way to be productive. For me though, I do find a little bit of struggle in carrying out my weekly goals. It’s like a new years resolution every week, but in all actuality who goes a full year with their New Years resolutions on their mind. It’s not the goal setting that’s hard, it’s committing to finishing the goal. My boyfriend and I started a routine, that has made committing to goals easier. Every Sunday we set two types of goals. We make a goal for us to do as a couple and a goal for ourselves individually. When we first started doing it, I thought it was going to be one of those things we start and didn’t really take serious after a few days. My boyfriend though, refused to let up on his goals and urged me not to let up on mine and I found myself doing the same for him. I will say, only set goals that you truly want and believe you can achieve, or else the nagging gets annoying. You can literally do this with anyone. It’s just a strong technique to help you improve yourself. The goals can be little like , study for an hour every day or go to the gym twice a week. As long as you are making a goal and committing to it, you are gaining in the end. When the week is over, don’t forget about the goal. Challenge yourself to keep it in mind and continue on in a healthy manner.

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