Growing up I thought I had the coolest father ever. He was extremely intelligent, funny, charismatic, and edgy. I appreciated the fact that he was intelligent but he still held an edgy side to him, that demanded respect. I remember I used to describe the kind of guy I wanted to my mother and she would say, “someone like your father”. I never denied it because it was true. He was smart, but not nerdy. He was cool, but real. He was funny, but not a joke. I never thought I’d meet a man like my father though because I truly believed he was one of a kind. That was until I met you.

When we first started conversing, I knew instantly you were the smartest young man I’d ever met. I didn’t know until a few months later that you were probably the FIRST young man I’d ever met. Our conversations went deeper than “Wyd” and you challenged me to “teach you something” within every conversation we had. You had a passion for learning and in doing so, you have taught me so many things. You were different than what I was used to. I was cautious to take us serious because you were a senior, and I was a freshmen. However, as time went on it became the only option. It was almost to good to be true. You set the bar so high looking elsewhere didn’t even make sense.

You’re looks were the first thing that attracted me to you. (Beard and Waves are a lethal combination. Good choice.) You’re intellect is what excited me about you. But you’re warmth was what caused me to stick to you. Any situation I was in, you were by my side adding a positive perspective or telling me “do not stress” because whatever is meant to be, is going to happen, and stressing will not change that. You were the first person I’ve ever dealt with that has pushed me to plan towards my future, join organizations, and write like I am “running out of time.” Anything I do, you are right there behind me cheering me on with the biggest smile on your face.

I walked into the bathroom and saw this.

When we first started dealing people were trying to steer me away, saying anything telling me that it wasn’t going to work, you’re going to play me, you’re not right for me, etc. I didn’t care though because, I am my own person and the vibe you were giving me was unmatched and I knew it wasn’t one sided. Not listening to them was the best thing I could have ever done. You have helped me flourish into the young women I am becoming, and instilled a confidence in me that was dormant before. You have made such an impact on my life that I am truly blessed and grateful for.

It wasn’t always peaches and honeymoons. We definitely have had our fair share of arguments and disagreements. But, even when we fight the love is just more and more reassured. We argue about something, and then come to a common ground, never to argue about it again. You listen to me and I listen to you. You hear me and I hear you. We respect each other and we are best friends FIRST.

Valentines Day 2019

I am so proud of you and the journey that you are about to take on. You have the purest soul and everything you represent I want to mimic. Thank you for making my freshman year the best year of my life and thank you for showing me that there are men out there who know how to love, and will do so unapologetically.

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