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Why Do Men Cheat: A Male Perspective


It feels like every time I turn around I am consoling a friend, giving advice, or being hit on from a cheating ass … young man.

I took the time to ask some of the men closest to me why do they cheat or have they cheated in the past and here are their answers:


Cheating can not and will never be justified. However, feeling unappreciated from someone you hold in high regards is definitely something that could drive someone to cheat. SO my next question is if you feel this way why don’t you just leave?


And now the real answer is revealed… it’s a control game. He had feelings but he really just doesn’t want you to be with anyone else. So he sneaks around behind your back and explores all his options while confining you to being with him. Interesting…

A typical case of wanting your cake and eating it too… why am I not surprised?

This is the best answer that was sent to me because it goes deeper than feelings and talks about the role society plays in men cheating. In other words, men cheat because it’s not only socially acceptable for them to do so but the more women on a man’s hip, the more “glorified that man is”… so why not?

I don’t want to come off like I am denouncing the fact that women cheat as well. However, I feel like a man cheating is more public knowledge and women are expected to understand or move past it. But when a women cheats they are not even given the opportunity for an explanation. Stay tuned for more as we explore Why Women Cheat.

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