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11 Daily Steps That Grow Confidence

One of my older sisters recently said to me: “There was a point in time when I realized Blake might know more than me when it comes to men.” My other sister than responded, “It’s her confidence. She has amazing confidence.” I speak a lot about self confidence and knowing your worth. It’s so amazing how when you love yourself, everything you do in life feels more pure. I would like to acknowledge the fact however, that building and maintaining confidence is a challenging thing, that doesn’t come easily. Here are 10 daily steps you can practice to grow more self confidence:

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I don’t know what it is but for some reason women are extremely hard on themselves. It’s good to push and challenge yourself. However, realize YOU ARE STILL HUMAN. And no human is 100% perfect. Don’t beat yourself up for the things you can’t control. And for the things that you can control, instead of beating yourself up, level up, and do better the next time.
  2. Stop feeling bad for yourself. Self pitty will have you in a funk that leaves your confidence in the mud. Everybody gets down from time to time. However, pick yourself back up. Once you stop feeling bad for yourself and realize YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE, everything will begin to fall together.
  3. Praise yourself for the little things. Any little accomplishment you make is still an accomplishment. Praise yourself for little accomplishments because they are still accomplishments. Anything positive that you do as a young women deserves recognition, even if it is just from yourself. You will easily point out the negative things about yourself. POINT OUT THE POSITIVE.
  4. Set weekly, attainable goals. Set weekly goals, that you would like to achieve that you feel like would build self esteem. For example, working out twice a week or even studying twice a week. Any goal you set for yourself will increase confidence once carried out because you are proving that you have WILL POWER. Stay tuned for my Making Commitments post
  5. Doll yourself up. This is a major key to self confidence. If you don’t feel beautiful, of course it’s hard to be confident. Get your hair done regularly, or even look into how you can perfect doing it yourself. Make sure you are looking good. Not for anybody else but for the simple fact WHEN YOU LOOK GOOD YOU FEEL GOOD.
  6. Words of affirmation. Practice pointing out the positive things about yourself. When you look in the mirror say one or two of them to yourself. “I am so smart” or “I have beautiful eyes” goes along way when learning how to appreciate yourself. SPEAKING THINGS INTO EXISTENCE IS A REAL THING.
  7. Realize your purpose in the world. Everyone is placed on this earth for a reason believe it or not. Sometimes lack of confidence stems from lack of purpose. Discover your purpose, try new things. What do you love to do? How can you use your passion for impact.
  8. Understand that there is only one you. I know in today’s society it is so easy to compare ourselves to the next. However, every person in this world brings something different to the table. Don’t focus on other people and what they seem to have because THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE.
  9. Work towards fixing your insecurities. For the most part anything you feel insecure about is fixable. The goal is to feel confident in yourself, under any means necessary. WHAT IS MAKING YOU INSECURE? If you feel like you are unattractive, try makeup. If you feel like you are to big physically, try working out once or twice a week. If you feel like your hair isn’t long enough, look into steps that you can use to grow it. The goal is to feel confident, if you are honestly insecure about something, it may never go away. Don’t live with it work around it.
  10. .Surround yourself with confident and productive people. You are the company you keep. When you hang out with people who are confident in themselves it rubs off on you. Similarly, when you hang out with people who are getting things done and taking care of business, you will feel more obligated to do the same. Even ask them how they deal with self confidence, for their own personal opinions.
  11. .Treat yourself. It is okay to go on a date BY YOURSELF. Take yourself out, treat yourself. Get your nails done if you usually don’t. Go to the spa. Do things you don’t normally do. You have to be nice to yourself if you want yourself to be nice to you in return.

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