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Story Time: My Mother’s College Boyfriend Tried to Kill Her

My mother always told me when it comes to relationships “Don’t play with anyone’s heart because love can make people crazy.” My mother and I have been close all of my life and this was always one of her “go to” lessons when it comes to advice on men. I never understood what she meant because it felt like men are typically in the position to play with hearts, and rarely the other way around. After hearing this story though, I knew the capability goes both ways.

My mother was a sophomore in college, and she was drop dead gorgeous. She was in the era where natural was still beautiful, and she was a favorite amongst her peers. My father always described my mother as one of the most beautiful women he’d ever met, inside and out. Men would do anything for my mother, and she didn’t have to do much for it either. In her Sophomore year she met a man, who we’re going to call “Lovesick.” Lovesick wasn’t really my mother’s type, but he was sweet to her, so she figured she’d give it a try. Lovesick was on the shorter side, he was chubby, and goofy. As soon as my mother and him started dating he was head over heels. He was buying her all types of designer, taking her to shopping sprees on Rodeo Drive, and letting her drive his brand-new convertible, whenever she asked.   

 A lot of people couldn’t understand what my mother saw in Lovesick. Even his own friends would say she was way out of his league. When my mother would be around Lovesick and his friends, they would poke fun at them and say “Adrienne, you still with this guy? We keep telling him it’s just a matter of time.” And eventually, that’s what it was… a matter of time. Gifts are nice, being spoiled is fun. However, there comes a time when that stuff is simply not enough. My mother wanted more, she wanted to feel the love Lovesick felt for her. But she knew inside, that Lovesick wasn’t the one who was going to make her feel like that, so she ended it.  

Lovesick was heartbroken. He would do anything to still talk to my mother. A week or so after they broke up he came to my mothers house, bloody, asking to spend the night. He told her a whole sob story about being kicked out, getting into a fight, and basically he needed a place to stay. My mother let him stay but told him he couldn’t sleep in her bed. She had left the room for a few minutes and when she came back she found Lovesick putting a recording device on her phone. They got into a tussle and my mother ended up beneath him. He picked up a lamp off the side table and said “If I fucked your face up you wouldn’t be able to do anyone how you did me ever again.” He ended up letting her go and left a little after that and my mother had decided she was DONE with Lovesick.

She wanted to be done but Lovesick became infatuated, scratch that OBSESSED, with my mother. He would call her house phone 30-40 times in a row, hanging up as soon as she answered each time. At the time my mother was waitressing at a local restaurant. Lovesick would come every single day, sit down for about 2 hours, and just stare at my mother. My mother had known him for a few months at this time and she figured he was harmless. She knew he wanted a reaction, and that was exactly what she didn’t give him. My grandmother had warned my mother about hurting Lovesick because she felt he was genuinely a sweetheart. This made my mother reluctant to tell her that they broke up. After a few weeks, Lovesick had stopped coming to my mother’s job, and she was relieved. She thought, maybe he’s finally moving on. Wrong.  

One day after my mother got home from work, she walked into her house to see my grandmother and Lovesick engaged in conversation. She couldn’t believe her eyes. After she convinced her mother to give Lovesick and her some time alone, my grandmother left, and my mother finally let him have it.   

“Leave me alone… I don’t want you… You’re crazy…You can’t just come by my house and job… What is wrong with you?” Were probably along the lines of what my mother said to Lovesick that day. He had never seen her in this manner, because generally she kept her composure. Lovesick listened to my mother rant for a few seconds before calmly telling her:  

“You are going to wish you never met me.” After this argument, Lovesick left. A few weeks had gone by and my mother had not heard from Lovesick. She was relieved by this. She knew she went way too hard on him but if it got him to leave her alone than she was fine with that. Plus, his actions were getting borderline psychotic…   

A few weeks turned into a month and still no sign from Lovesick. One day after my mother got off work, Lovesick was outside her job waiting by her car. She immediately grew annoyed at the sight of him AGAIN, after she thought she had closed that chapter in her life FOR GOOD.  

“Hear me out,” He said to her before she could speak, putting his hands in the air for surrender. “My car broke down, and I saw that you were at work. I know we ended on bad terms, but I just need a ride to my friend’s house.” My mother was reluctant at first to do anything for Lovesick, but he genuinely looked like he needed her help and she actually felt bad for the way she treated him throughout their relationship.

They began to drive and Lovesick directed her to his “friends” house. About 15 minutes into the drive they were in what seemed to be an empty lot, with nobody in sight except my mother’s car and a car that was trailing behind hers. My mother began to grow weary of the situation she was in, it started to feel sketchy. He directed her to pull over and she did so. As she pulled over, before Lovesick could get out the car he paused and stared at my mother. My mother looked at him back confused as to what he was waiting for.   

“You see that car behind us?” My mother turned around and looked at the car he was referring to that was trailing them for a little while back. “I paid that man 2400$ to take you to Las Vegas and do whatever he wants to you for the weekend.” The wind was knocked out of my mother’s chest as she heard these words come out of his mouth. She instantly began to beg for her life and cry as any women would do in that situation. “Now you want to cry. I didn’t even know you had emotions. You’re pathetic.” Lovesick bashed. “GET OUT THE CAR.”  

My mother got out the car fearful for her life. When she looked closely, she noticed the car was one of Lovesick’s friends. As they made eye contact, he pushed his head out the window. “Hey Adrienne.” He said calmly. He noticed the worried look on her face and grew confused. “Are you alright?”   

“Yeah, she’s just a little bummed I broke up with her.” Lovesick lied and now my mother was confused. Lovesick drew her into a forceful hug and whispered into her ear “The next guy won’t be so nice.” He then got inside of his friend’s vehicle and they both drove off. She never saw Lovesick again. 

My mother figured Lovesick’s ego was bruised so that was his way of killing two birds with one stone, scaring her into thinking he was going to hurt her, and making his friends think he dumped her. Whatever his motives were, a valuable lesson is to be learned in the story. Love can and has been the motive for many different heinous crimes. Do not play with anyone’s heart because you very well so could be playing with your own life.

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