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The Most Disrespectful Thing A Man Can Do To A Woman

In a good relationship it should feel like you are dating your best friend. It should feel like you took two separate entities (friendship, and lust) intertwined them together, making a super bond that feels unbreakable. A partnership should be a friendship, and a soul tie. So when you do have this, someone who you look at as more than a lover, but a friend, the betrayal hurts even more. The most disrespectful thing a man can do to a women is sit there and listen to all that she has dealt with in the past, the trials and tribulations she has been through, and put her through that again. Not only is that disrespectful, but it will have you looking at your man like “you really a fake ass motherf******.” But the fact of the matter is that this is a reality. Men will listen to the pain you’ve been put through and put you through it again. It sucks as a women, as a person, you always have to keep your guard up. Nobody is to be 100% trusted because that is how you end up with your feelings hurt. Never expect to much from anyone, if a man is going the extra mile, showing you he loves you and putting himself out there, that is amazing. Love him, value him, appreciate him, but do not trust him. Do not trust anybody. The only person you can ever really and truly trust is yourself. When you stop putting your trust in people, you will notice that their value in your heart decreases. Feeling like you could trust someone is an intimate feeling that creates harmony in your body. When that feeling is gone, they become just another person that you care for but have to watch.

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