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Story Time: I caught my ex cheating on me.

This was around the time I was about to leave for my freshman year of college. I was dating someone, let’s call him, “oblivious.” I had been dating Oblivious for about 9 or 10 months, and I was genuinely happy. He was the first boyfriend I had, where it was more than just a relationship. We spent a lot of time together, laughed, went on dates, left the country, I even brought him to my father’s wedding. Throughout the relationship, we would argue about petty things but nothing to major. Let me give you a little back story before we get to the juicy stuff. One day, Oblivious and I had spent the day together “shopping” in Soho. At the end of the day he suggested, we go out to eat at a nearby seafood boil restaurant. When we arrived at the restaurant, my intuition started speaking to me. Ladies, never ignore your intuition. If you have a gut feeling about something, you are probably right. The hostess told us that the wait would be about an hour. We sat down and began talking. Now, I am not usually someone who goes through phones. It’s better when your man gets accustomed to you NOT going through his phone, so when you do go through his phone, you catch him off guard. That’s exactly what happened. I caught him off guard. He handed it to me, I started looking through it. I saw him telling females “you know you still my baby” and sliding up to respond to their pictures. I was HEATED. But I kept my composure. I told him, I wasn’t hungry anymore, and we left. I broke up with him within our travel home. He was writing me and calling me and I wasn’t entertaining him. A few days later, I was coming home from a party and it was late, maybe 2 or 3 AM. I stopped by his house and let him have it. We stood outside on his stoop and I poured my heart out to him, and then left. After that, he continued trying to show his regret, and of course, like a dummy, I let in. But I let him know, that was his last straw. So fast forward, a week or so, we were on way better terms. Oblivious had taken me to Ruth Chris, and I ate the most expensive steak, I’ve ever seen. We were spending more time together because I was about to leave. So one day, Oblivious calls me on his way home from work. He said “I’m going to go home, change, and pick you up in like 2 hours, and we gonna go eat.” I was hyped at the thought of food, I didn’t think much of it. So I start getting ready and what not when I receive a call from my EX BOYFRIEND. This is where it gets interesting. So my ex boyfriend calls me and says “Call your man and ask him where he’s at.” My ex boyfriend and Oblivious have no relations to each other whats so ever, so I was confused. Then he said “I’m not gonna say much, just call him and ask where he’s at.” So, I called… no answer. Now me and my ex boyfriend are texting and he’s giving half-assed answers as to where Oblivious is. It was clear he wanted me to beg for the information, and I wasn’t going down like that. Eventually he sent me a screenshot from a girl’s profile. Now, this girl, was a “hood hoe” if you want to describe it. She got around, and was known for it. The girl texted and said “I’m outside.” and Oblivious responded “wrong door.” At that moment, I didn’t care about anything else besides the fact that there was a female in his house an hour before we are supposed to be going for dinner. Within seconds, I was calling an Uber to Oblivious’ house, only 5 minutes away from mine. Now, I’m outside his house, feeling like I’m in a movie. I begin to knock, at first calmly. No answer. I keep knocking. Overall, this man (my boyfriend at the time) had me standing outside looking foolish for about an hour. During this hour, I’m looking inside the door and I see a shadow coming down the stairs. I see a sliver of Oblivious’ face and then I see him back up as soon as he recognizes my frame outside the door. Now? It’s litt. I called my two best friends who were down the street and began to BANG on his door. This wasn’t my character. But how disrespectful can you be? Not only are you cheating on me but you are cheating on me an hour before our date, then gonna try and come kiss on me. This was the first and last time I’d ever let a man take me to a place this dark. After, what felt like 30 minutes of knocking, me and my friends decided we were going to try and climb to his window. Bad idea. While this is happening, my family is ringing my phone down. I had told my sister, what happened briefly in a text that said “I am about to kill Oblivious.” She came with her car, attempting to get me to leave two times during this encounter but I refused. After we realized climbing to the top window, was basically a death sentence, we decided to move down the block and wait for her to come outside. I honestly, wasn’t trying to fight her. She owed me no loyalty once so ever. It was him, who my anger was geared towards. As we walked down the street and hid behind a car, we saw the police pull up in front of his house, and wait there for about 10 minutes. In my mind I was thinking, I know he didn’t call the police on me, I just know… This whole time I didn’t get not one text or call from him while she was in his house. Eventually my step father came, and gave me the pep talk of a life time. “I’m beautiful”, “I’m leaving for college anyways”, “I don’t want someone who makes me have to go to extremes and put myself in danger.” This was exactly what I needed to hear. After that, I got myself together and I left. About 30 minutes later, my phone began to ring back to back to back, and who was it? Nobody other than Oblivious himself. THE NERVE. Till this day, he still claims he never cheated on me because they didn’t do anything. When the only reason they didn’t get a chance to do anything was because… I interrupted. I left for college two days later. When I left, it was over. He was apologizing and sending long text messages, the whole nine. But when you are done, you’re done. God works in mysterious ways. Imagine me going to college, attempting to be 100% faithful to someone who isn’t away at college and still managing to cheat. Be true to yourself ladies, don’t ever let a man take you out of character. If he would have opened that door, who knows, maybe I wouldn’t be in college today. It’s not worth it. Know your worth and then add tax.

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8 thoughts on “Story Time: I caught my ex cheating on me.”

  1. This story is really crazy and makes me think about all the times I was going through shit with my cheating ass ex boyfriend. I’m glad I’m not a fool anymore , I took him back the first time I found out he was trying to entertaining other bitches then I found out he cheated on me again I learned my lesson. Niggas are disrespectful and embarrassing.


  2. While this story is very compelling, I am glad the young sister was able to recognize her worth. However, her step-father stepped it which is critical. Another man was there not to validate her but to affirm who she was! It is important that we teach both our young men and young women the sacredness of being in a mutual respected relationship. The young brother may have never been taught how to be respectful to a young lady. Now for you sisters out there, no reason to see the sister as a trick or whore or to call her out their name. The reality is we have a great deal of work to do to repair spirits, so we as a people don’t continue to hurt each other. Honestly, his dishonesty was the isssue, to that extent, he lacked respect for sisters he was lying to and for himself!!!


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